Personal Care and Companionship

Personal care can really comprise many things, but some of the more common needs for an elderly person would include: 

The key difference with our personal carers is that they also work as part of our medical clinics.  This means that they are interested in health as well.  This way, when looking after an elderly client at home, they’re able to help them also progress any health concerns.  Our personal carers act as true health advocates in this manner. 

Personal Care & Companionship

Our carers can help you prepare and cook meals, or arrange for them to be delivered from a provider like Lite n’ Easy. Your Home Care Plan can cover the cost of preparing and transporting meals.

Domestic Assistance & Transportation

We very much value helping an individual stay connected. We can help you with transportation, attend social outing, family gatherings, recreational and volunteer activities.


Our enrolled and registered nurses can assist you with your medical needs. This might include providing wound dressings, dispensing medications and administering injections.

Allied Health & Home Maintenance

We have gardeners who can mow your lawns and tidy up your garden. For larger scale jobs involving big trees, we can engage our trusted contractors.

Dementia Support

Dementia is a progressive condition that affects memory, cognitive function, and daily activities. It can be overwhelming for both individuals diagnosed with dementia and their families. Knowledge and understanding are crucial in navigating this journey.

Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring

There are many ways that technology can assist and improve care at home. Many of these are now rapidly advancing. Finding which technological aid is best suited for you, and indeed, when and how to use them, can be tricky.