How to apply for Government Support

There are a few steps to apply for a Government funded home care package. Our team is happy to help you every step of the way, so please feel free to call us on 1300 888 256 if you need help.Here are the steps to apply:


Request an assessment

The Government body which organises home care packages is My Aged Care (MAC).  Firstly, you will need to request an assessment with My Aged Care. This needs to be done online at We are happy to help you with this. 


Phone assessment

My Aged Care will contact you by phone and discuss your needs, including any support services you presently have. They will then decide the appropriate next step. 


In-home assessment

My Aged Care may decide that it is appropriate for you to have an in-home assessment by the Aged Care Assessment (ACAT). ACAT will then notify you of when they will be coming to see you at home. Mark & Sylvie’s are happy to help you prepare for your assessment.


Outcome of Assessment

After your ACAT assessment, My Aged Care will contact you and let you know of the outcome, including whether you are eligible for a government-funded Home Care Package. If you are, you will go on to a national waitlist. This waitlist may take many months and is assessed on a needs basis. Three months before you are assigned a package, you will get a “Readiness Letter” from My Aged Care. This will include various paperwork that you will need to complete. Once again, we are happy to help you with this, so that you will be completely organised, once your package is allocated. 


Assignment of Package

Once you are assigned a package, My Aged Care will send you a letter informing you. You then have 56 days to nominate a provider, such as Mark & Sylvie’s Home Care. You can be granted an extension of up to 28 days to decide. To request this, please call My Aged Care or Mark & Sylvie’s Home Care. 


Create your care plan

As your nominated provider, Mark & Sylvie’s can then work with you to create a personalised support plan. Our home care managers are experienced nurses who come to your house, to really get to know your needs and work out, with you, how best to meet them. After this, we look forward to delivering services with our dedicated in-house Mark & Sylvie’s care staff.