How to switch to Mark & Sylvie’s Home Care

Switching to Mark & Sylvie’s Home Care from your existing provider is simple. If you have a care worker you want to keep, let us know. We’ll be happy to get them onboard too.

To switch providers, follow the three steps below: 


Call My Aged Care (MAC) on 1800 200 422


Decide on your end date


Organise your start date with Mark & Sylvie's Home Care

1. Call My Aged Care (MAC) on 1800 200 422 and let them know that you would like to switch to Mark & Sylvie’s Home Care.

Or, call our team on 1300 888 256 and we can help you contact MAC. MAC will give you a referral code. Hold on to this. Once you have let MAC know, we can go through the best plan for your services. 

2. Decide on your end date. Contact your current home care service provider and agree on an end date and switch.

Let us know what this date is. We are happy to help you contact your current provider to complete this step. Feel free to get in touch. 

3. Organise your start date with Mark & Sylvie’s Home Care.

Let us know your end date, and we can decide together on a start date. Along the way, we’ll make sure to minimise any disruption to services.