Over 65 And Need a Doctor To See You At Home?

For many different reasons, at times, having a doctor visit you at home can be helpful. Sometimes this can be due to increased immobility. Additionally, seeing you in your home also gives the doctor a chance to really understand your situation, so that what they advise has more relevance and is more practical for your life.

If you or someone you know is over 65 years old and needs a doctor to see you at home, then please ask us.

Atticus has a group of Geriatricians who visit patients at home. A Geriatrician is a specialist doctor who has spent a minimum of 6 years to become an expert in the health of older people (those aged 65 and older). Geriatricians can especially help with health needs such as:

Dementia and other cognitive issues
Any help with mobility and frailty
Incontinence (bladder or bowel problems)

If you would like to have a Geriatrician visit you at home, please call Mark & Sylvie’s Home Care on 1300 888 256. Note that a valid GP referral is required for this service.