Is There A Silver Bullet To Health?

No but yes. Rather a transparent liquid bullet.


I was talking to a patient of mine who ended up consulting a specialist following an issue he had seen me about. No underlying condition was found to explain his symptoms. And so, the specialist said to him, “You should eat well and drink more water.” As flippant as this may sound, it’s valid advice. It really is amazing how much of an impact these simple things can have on your life.

Let’s focus on the water bit.

Today is a stinking hot day in Melbourne, so it’s a bit opportune and simpler to talk about remembering to drink water. Still, it’s a valid message for all times. Have a read to find out some of the benefits of drinking enough water.

1. Kidney health. Your kidneys filter toxins and waste products from your blood and allow you to pass those things out in your urine. The job of your kidneys is made much simpler if you drink an adequate amount of water (and don’t consume too much salt!). Not drinking enough water can lead to kidney stones, chronic renal failure and increased urinary infections. These things are all pretty common.

2. Gut health. Your stomach and bowels also appreciate the dilution that water brings. Some of the ailments that you can avoid by drinking enough water are:

  • Reflux and gastric ulcers. Diluting the contents of your stomach with plenty of water soothes the lining of your oesophagus and stomach and protects them.
  • Constipation. Don’t drink water and you’ll struggle to go. Simple as that.

3. Dental health. Many of the things we eat and drink leave residues on our teeth. For example, many drinks have acids used as preservatives. These all stand to damage our teeth over time. Water on the other hand, washes away much of these damaging leftovers.

4. Skin health. Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? Keeping hydrated is great for it.

5. Headache prevention. Staying hydrated is one way to help avoid getting a headache and optimise your brain function. In a day and age hit with the popularisation of “nootropics”, it’s criminal then to forget the best nootropic of them all – water.

One simple tip – drink a decent glass of water with every meal. That’s a start. And, perhaps always have a glass on your desk, a bottle in the car/truck or wherever you are, and sip away during the day. Some water bottles also come with measurement markers on the side so you can track where you’re up to. It’s a great way to pace and replenish yourself throughout your day. In so many ways, your body will be thanking you.

Please note that some people with medical conditions such as kidney disease, heart disease or electrolyte problems will have been told to “fluid restrict” (limit the amount of water/fluids they consume each day). Please follow the advice of your specialist if you’ve been given a fluid restriction.

So, there you have it. I’m no specialist, but I am pretty busy and I know that water has helped me stay fit to battle the challenges which every day brings. I hope it has the same positive effect in your life too.