A Common Cause of Urinary Tract Infections That You Should Know About.

Urinary tract infections are very common and there are many reasons why someone can get one, especially when they’re elderly. One of those reasons often goes overlooked, but not after you read this. Constipation.

That’s right, it’s not something you think of immediately, that being constipated can increase your risk of getting a urinary tract infection, but it certainly does, and here’s how. The lower part of your bowel, called your rectum is actually located behind your bladder. When you get constipated, your rectum can get full with faeces and bulge and when it does, it can push on your bladder. When this happens, your bladder can be forced to tilt. The outlet of your bladder can now be bent, and almost like a kink in a hose, may stop you passing urine freely. The end result is that when you are constipated, you are less likely to empty your bladder when you go to urinate. And, the longer urine get to stick around in your bladder, since it’s not being passed, the more likely it is to get infected.

So there you have it, avoid constipation, and you’re less likely to get a urinary tract infection! Now you know!